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Note Self-archiving
By publishing with “Virtus Interpress” the authors keep the rights of self-archiving. Below you may find main rules and recommendations with regard to self-archiving policy of “Virtus Interpress” journals: Authors can upload the initial draft of a submitted article on their personal websites, their institution’s repositories or any non-commercial repository for personal use, internal institutional use or for permitted scholarly posting.
Authors may deposit the accepted version of the peer-reviewed article on their personal websites, their institution’s repository or any non-commercial repository after 12 months of publication on the journal website. In addition, an acknowledgement must be given to the original source of publication and a link should be inserted to the published article on the journal’s website.
If the research is funded by NIH, Wellcome Trust or any other Open Access Mandate, authors are allowed the archiving of published version of manuscripts in an institutional repository after the mandatory embargo period. Authors should first contact the Editorial Office of the journal for information about depositing a copy of the manuscript to a repository. Consistent with the copyright agreement, “Virtus Interpress” does not recommend archiving of final published version of manuscripts. The link to the original source of publication should be provided by inserting the link to the published paper on the webpage of the journal.
There is no embargo on the archiving of articles published under the open access category. Authors are allowed deposition of such articles on institutional, non-commercial repositories and personal websites immediately after publication on the journal website.


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