Clausola per mantenere i diritti e dare accesso immediato al postprint (copiare solo la parte rilevante, a seconda che si tratti di articolo o libro):

“This work was funded by the Εuropean Union under the Horizon Europe grant [grant number]. As set out in the Grant Agreement, beneficiaries must ensure that at the latest at the time of publication, open access is provided via a trusted repository to the published version or the final peer-reviewed manuscript accepted for publication under the latest available version of the Creative Commons Attribution International Public Licence (CC BY) or a licence with equivalent rights. CC BY-NC, CC BY-ND, CC BY-NC-ND or equivalent licenses could be applied to long-text formats”.

Programme guide, p.49.

ATTENZIONE perché gli editori stanno dando informazioni fuorvianti: ne trovate alcune in questa Lettera con cui PlanS vi mette in guardia: The Rights Retention Strategy and publisher equivocation: an open letter to researchers