Reproducible and Transparent Research Workflows for Life Scientists: Why and how

June 25, 9.30-13.00

“Aula Grigia”, Torino Esposizioni

Corso Massimo d’Azeglio, 15 Torino

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At the core of this introductory seminar stands the question: How can I ensure that my future self in 5 years can understand (and repeat) the analysis I conducted today?
Even with the advent of modern internet tools and scripted analyses, complete reproducibility still has its pitfalls and challenges. You will be guided through the tools and techniques needed to represent the complete raw data to publication figure process.
Additionally it will be highlighted how these tools become standard practice in the modern publication landscape and how applying open and transparent research practices can support you in your career.

Slides del corso parte I

Slides parte II

Trainer: Ulf Toelch, QUEST center – Berlin Institute of Health

Participation is free, but a registration is needed. Thank you.