On March 12 we organized a morning session on Open Science: what’s going on in Europe at the Ministry of Research and Education (MIUR).

Professor Valditara said in his welcoming address

Our common goal is to define a long-term strategic vision on Open Science and Italian participation in EOSC.

This topic is considered of extreme interest for our country and this ministry is now following it with great care.

We think it is necessary to coordinate different actions at political technical and cultural level. In order to fill the gap with other EU countries avoiding to act in haste thus wasting time and money.

In order to draft a national PLAN, we will setup a working group on this specific item.

This is a pivot of our strategy and this ministry will give all the possible support to this topic.

Therefore this ministry intends to carry out a function of direction and coordination which enables it to supervise the most relevant aspects related to Open science and its components: text, data, infrastructures and services; legal aspects; researchers training and data stewardship.

This is our first step put this strategy in motion.

The event was upon invitation only, but the slides are available here:

Report [in italiano]