Open Research Data Management: policies and tools

May 24-25

Milano, Università Statale

May 24 Sala Napoleonica, via s. Antonio 10 (map) – Metro M3 Missori

May 25 Aula Malliani, via Festa del Perdono 7 (map) – Metro M3 Missori

The workshop focuses on Research Data Management in an open environment.

We shall adress both institutional issues – the importance of having clear policies in place – and technical ones like Data Management Plan and FAIR metadata to booster data reuse.

We shall learn how to use tools, tricks and tips to ensure our data an “intelligent openness”.


May 24 - Policy & Research Data Management Plan
Session 1: PoliciesChair: Elena Giglia, University of Turin
09:45Chiara Tonelli, Prorettore Università degli Studi di MilanoWelcoming address
10.00Paolo BudroniAbout RDM-Policies. The LEARN Project: Policy Development and Alignment [Abstract] [Slides] [Video]
10.30Paola Galimberti e
Marisol Occioni
Project LEARN in practice: a bottom up case study [Abstract] [Slides] [Video 1 e 2]
11.00Coffee break
Session 2: Practical issues
11.30Angelo Scalisi , MIURIl MIUR per l'informazione, la trasparenza e la formazione [Video]
12.00Breakout sessions on Policy implementation, policy issues: where are we? [Video]
Session 3: ToolsChair: Paola Gargiulo, OpenAIRE
14.00Sarah JonesDMP nuts and bolts: the what, why and how of Data Management Planning [Abstract] [Slides] [Video]
15.00Sarah JonesDesigning a better future: active, actionable DMPs [Slides]
15.20Sarah JonesExercise: the place of DMPs within your institution
16.30Sarah JonesWhere next? Practical steps for you to move forward with DMPs [Slides]
17.00Wrap up and conclusions
May 25 - Metadata and research data
Session 1: Setting the framework
Chair: Nicola Fusco (University of Milan)
Chair: Nicola Fusco, University of Milan
10.00Alex BallFlying the flag: in support of metadata standards [Abstract] [Slides] [Video]
11.00Coffee break
Session 2. How to make your data FAIR
Chair: Nicola Fusco (University of Milan)
Chair: Nicola Fusco, University of Milan
11.30Alastair DunningBuilding a FAIRer world: Encouraging Researchers to Share their Data [Abstract] [Slides] [Video]
Session 3: Community issues
14.30Metadata café: Sarah Jones, Alastair Dunning and Alex Ball will debate research communities’ needs [Video]
16.30Wrap up and closing remarks


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May 24 - Policy & Research Data Management Plan

May 25 - Metadata and research data

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